Do you add sugar to your products?

No. There is no added sugar in Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Fruits.

Do Sunny Fruit Dried Fruits contain sulphites?

All Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Fruits are sulphite-free with no preservatives or additives.

Why are my apricots dark brown?

Not only apricots, but all organic dried fruits naturally darken over time. We are aware they look dark/brown, but that's how they are supposed to look without harmful food additives.

Are Sunny Fruit Dried Fruits Kosher?

Except for mulberries, our all other fruits are Star-K Kosher.

What is the white coating on my dried figs?

White crystals seen on figs are natural sugar that migrate to the surface of the fig. It is often confused with mold, however, this is not mold, but simply a naturally occurring ingredient and the figs are perfectly safe for you to eat.

Where are your products grown and harvested?

Most of our organic products (figs, apricots, raisins, tart-cherries, mulberries, tomatoes) are grown and harvested in Turkey. Having said that, some of them are imported but all processed and packed in our facility.

Are your products additive free?

Yes, all our organic dried fruits and snacks are additive free.

Are your products Vegan?

Yes, all our organic dried fruits and snacks are Vegan and 100% plant based.

Some of our fig products may naturally contain insects and their fragments due to the growing environment. Although every care is taken to remove them, it is not possible to overlook to the inside of the products. Our Vegan certificate ensures that even if they contain some insect fragments, they are negligible for the DNA analysis result.

Are your products palm-oil free?

Yes, we do not use any kind of palm-based oils in our organic products. Our raisins may only contain vegetable oils such as sunflower oil.

Are your products freeze dried, vacuum dried or oven dried?

All our organic dried fruits are naturally sun-dried except our organic Mangos, Prunes, Strawberries and Tart-cherries. Only organic Mangos, Prunes, Strawberries and Tart-cherries are oven dried.

Should I wash your products before I eat?

No, they have been already washed and cleaned.

Do your products contain allergens?

Our Sunny Fruit Organic Dried Fruits are considered allergen friendly - they don’t contain any gluten, dairy, eggs, sulphite, sulfur, or soy. They also don’t have any additives or preservatives. We also don’t manufacture any sesame, peanut or tree nuts in our dried fruit facility therefore they are also nut free.

 Our Have a Ball line includes nuts, but these are made in a different facility and there is no risk for cross contamination.