We are Sunny Fruit®.

Our mission is to support the active lifestyle with our healthy products produced in ethical conditions. We produce innovative and modern healthy snacks for all ages. We care about people and environment. We strive to produce the best quality products through an ethical supply chain.

The Sunny Fruit® difference begins at the source – Izmir, Turkey. Here the perfect marriage of fertile soils and unique climate creates the most perfect dried fruits on earth. After the harvest, we meticulously sun-dry them for ideal sweetness. Packing at the source assures you consummate quality control and freshness, with nothing artificial added. You’ll taste the difference.

Our organic dried fruits make for nutritious snacking. So grab a pack every day for anytime enjoyment. You’ll also find them an endlessly sweet source of culinary inspiration. They add a sweet dimension to savory entrees. As for desserts… from cookies to tortes, and everything in between.

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The Yummiest. Everyone Should Try! It's Like a Party for Your Mouth!

Melodie P.

Some of the best prunes I have ever eaten! Greay Flavor. Super fresh. Great Value!

Craig B.

Dates Are Good Substitute for Other Refined Sugar Desserts and These Come in Small Packages, Which Is Good to Make Sure You Don't Overeat

Nancy V.

I Love the Fact That These Came in Individual Pouches, They Were Super Fresh and Delicious!

Tamara B.

I Love the Little Preportioned Snack Sized Packs and It Keeps Each Experience Fresh! Delicious!

Staci V.

These Were Great for Family! My Daughter Is a Picky 9 Year Old and Loved Them. Great Healthy Snack!

Annette H.